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Are you remodeling, selling or buying and looking to change the flooring prior to moving in? The answer to this question provides us with the information needed to help you with you flooring project.  No matter what your situation we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our service from start to finish.  We have an excellent selection of carpet and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planking - pictured above). We cannot praise the introduction and continuing advancement of the LVT/LVP product line.  They are beautiful, durable, low-maintenance and more affordable than ceramic or 3/4" hardwood flooring.  Many are waterproof and are perfect for all levels of your home; from the top floor to the basement.  Call us today and schedule your free safe in-home estimate.

To learn about the different styles of residential carpets go to our Residential Carpet Page.

Interested in LVT or LVP? Visit our Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks Pages.

For information on how we are keeping our customer safe see our Covid-19 response page.

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