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With all the innovations in the flooring industry, sometimes it's nice to place your foot on a nice warm fuzzy carpet.  We provide everything from your basic residential carpet (great for a rental unit or to dress up your house for resale) to:

  • Plush carpeting: a type of carpet that is smooth texture and soft and elegant feel, it is a pleasure to walk or sit on. Available in solids and peppered or multi-colored.

  • Frieze carpeting: a very popular style of carpet, characterized by long fibers with a high twist, in which relatively long pile fibers are twisted three to five times. Comes in solid and peppered colors.

  • Cut and loop carpets: a carpet made through a combination of cut, or straight, carpet fibers and uncut, looped fibers. The cut and looped fibers are placed strategically to make define and subtle patterns.  

  • Looped carpet: a carpet that is looped in and out of it's backing, more commonly known as berber.

To see some of our best sellers go to: Southwind Carpets

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