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The Flooring Experts

We only do one thing; flooring.  Which means all our efforts are in flooring.  All we sell is flooring so all we buy is flooring. Our vendors know this and that gives us buying power.  Buying power means lower prices which we pass on to our customers.  We don't even sell 3/4" hardwood...why? Because it is different; the products are different, the applications are different and the customer's needs are different.  We don't sell office furniture, blinds, drapery, counter tops, paint, or anything other guessed it; flooring.  However we can refer you to a qualified professional in each of these areas and they are specialist in their fields as well. So if you are looking for a qualified specialist in the  flooring arena, look to Abel Carpets / Comfloorx; Chicagoland's Flooring Experts.

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