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Other Flooring

The other products that we provide are; vinyl sheet goods, both chemical seamed and heat‐weld seamed, Engineered and laminate wood, ceramic tiles, and sports floors.

  • Vinyl sheet goods are sometimes referred to a linoleum and are produced as rolls as opposed to tiles. Depending on the product the rolls can come in many different widths, the most common being 6’, 6’6” and 12’. Again, depending on the product, the joints can be made with a chemical (clear adhesive) or a heat‐weld (vinyl strip). The heat‐weld can make the product water impervious. Products that can be heat-welded can also be flashed up the wall (rolled‐up as wall base), this is most common in hospitals and medical facilities.

  • Engineered wood product are pre-finished wood products that have beveled and micro‐beveled edges and are installed as a finished product at the job site. This is different than an unfinished ¾” wood plank that is installed unfinished and then sanded, stained and finished at the job site after installation. Comfloorx does not provide the latter product. 

  • Laminate wood look products are particle wood based product with a laminate finish applied to the top. This product is installed as a floating floor over a underlayment (thin sound pad). It must be noted that this product does expand and contract and therefore typically requires a transition strip every 400 – 600 square feet to accommodate the expansion.

  • Ceramic tiles have come a long way over the past ten years. The basic 12’ x 12’ ceramic tile has been joined by a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes that have given this product a renewed interest.

  • Sports floors can vary from turfs for putting surfaces and indoor infields to rolled rubber for exercise, workout, and locker rooms to square glue direct tiles and floating puzzle‐like tiles.

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