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Carpet Tiles


Carpet need replacing?  Office filled with modular work stations? Carpet tiles are the answer because this is the real world, not a commercial.  Nobody is going to wave carpet in the air and have the furniture jump over it as it lays itself down.  Relocating your employees, hiring an electrician to disconnect the wiring, a furniture vendor to disassemble the workstations, a carpet contractor to install the carpet, then back to the furniture vendor and electrician to redo what they undid is not only incredibly expensive, it's time consuming and a logistical nightmare. Carpet tiles are the efficient and affordable alternative and here is why:

  • One vendor handles the complete process - no need for electrician or furniture vendor.  Modular workstations are slightly lifted for removal of old and install of new carpet - logistics are simplified.

  • Savings could be as much as 75%.

  • Large multi-day projects are completed each day with clean stopping points - no tripping hazards.

  • No need for massive relocation of employees - employees work until the day their area is installed.

  • Night work ensures that employees never need to be relocated - no down time.

  • Carpet tiles are installed with a pressure sensitive adhesive - they stay in place, but if one or more are stained or damaged they can easily be replaced with attic stock by you (think post-a-note).

  • Because of their construction there is no chance of delamination (the process of the two backings separating causing buckles in the carpet) or edge ravel (the unsightly running of the carpet rows leaving long gaps in the carpet).

  • Carpet tiles are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers are creating more styles and producing more inventory - supply up - prices down.

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