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Carpet - Broadloom


Broadloom carpet, better described as rolled carpet, is one of the most affordable and common types of flooring. Although it is typically manufactured in 12 foot widths, it can be produced in 13 feet 6 inches and 15 foot widths.  The wider products are produced this way in order to minimize seams and more often have a characteristic: a large pattern or difficult to seam, which justify the necessity to produce it wider. During the installation of broadloom carpet the edges of the carpet are seamed together to achieve the appearance that the product is one.  Although the goal is to create this seamless appearance, no seam is invisible and many factors ultimately affect the visibility of a seam: the carpet’s construction, its pattern, its backing, the lighting, the condition of the sub-floor and the location of the seams just to mention a few.  This is one of the reasons why we provide every customer with a detailed seam layout with our proposal for work.


When installing broadloom carpet it is necessary to move all the furniture out of each area being carpeted.  Therefore if your space includes modular office cubicles, they will need to be disassembled, moved, replaced and re-assembled during the installation process.  This is not the case with carpet tiles.

Our Broadloom Product Line Is Provided By These Manufacturers 


Visit the manufacture's websites above, find what you like, and then contact us for more information. We'll keep a tab open.

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