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How To Get Ready For Your Flooring Install?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how do we get ready for our flooring installation? This question can be answered in a couple different ways depending on whether we will be moving your furniture or if you will.

Unfortunately, real life is not a commercial and workers don’t show up and wave the flooring and have the furniture jump over it as it lays itself down. Every item must be removed from the rooms receiving new flooring if it is to be installed properly. Currently the only exception to this rule is carpet tiles. This is one of the many benefits of carpet tiles (to see all the benefits of carpet tiles go to our carpet tiles page).

If you will be moving your furniture then: all items, boxes and furniture must be removed from the areas receiving new flooring prior to our installers arriving at the job site.

If you have contracted us to move your furniture the process is easier but there is still a little work involved. Our installers our equipped with the proper tools to move large items and boxes but they do not pack items or disconnect or handle electronic equipment in anyway. Therefore, when we are contracted to move your furniture you will need to have the following completed prior to the arrival of our installers:

  1. All small items need to be boxed and labeled with the room, desk or area where they belong.

  2. If your business works with a lot of books, manuals or files that reside on shelves that are required to be moved, those items must be removed from the shelves, boxed and labeled with their location.

  3. The top two drawers of a four-drawer file cabinet need to be emptied, boxed and labeled with their location. Moving full cabinets with a dolly may cause the internal mechanisms to bend, making them inoperable.

  4. All large items that we will be moving need to be labeled with their location.

  5. All areas needed to be labeled with the same name as its corresponding items.

  6. All computers and electronic equipment need to be disconnected and removed from any area receiving new flooring.

  7. We understand that servers cannot always be shut down. If this is the case with your server, the only options are: (a) not replacing the flooring in the server room or; (b) installing the new flooring up to the server with a transition strip between the new and existing flooring.

We do not dissemble and reassemble modular cubicle walls. Therefore, if your office space is filled with this type of furniture your options are limited to moving the furniture yourself (or having a furniture company do so) or purchasing carpet tiles. As I stated before the only flooring choice that differs from these requirements is carpet tiles. This is because we can actually “lift” the furniture and install the carpet tiles underneath it. However, even with carpet tiles, computers and electronic equipment need to be disconnected and removed for the locations receiving new flooring.


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